The Hero, a blackout poem

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I know some of these heroes. Personally. They walk into danger every day, and they love the opportunity to protect and preserve peace. Death danger is real. For that reason, my prayer for them is that God would keep them safe in His presence, surrounded by His presence, surprised by His never-ending presence, and satisfied with His presence. These heroes step into this life calling each day so I pray God goes with them. I believe He does go with them and before them and surrounds them with grace and strength. CS Lewis may have been surprised by joy, but I pray my hero-sons will be surprised by His grace and presence. Safe is a promise. God’s safety doesn’t guarantee health and on-going life on this earth, but it does guarantee eternal safety in heaven. So, no matter what the future holds on earth, God will keep my heroes safe forever and ever. God keeps His promises.

Reverential Curiosity, a blackout poem

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Curiosity is a good thing, and one that drives us to learn, invent, and discover new things. What do the curious find? Discovering that great Power that created the bright stars, endless sky, illumined moon, and blazing sun is the ultimate find; for God says when you search for Him, you will find a powerful Creator-God. “The heavens declare the glories of God.” If only we would do better at listening…

The Family Man, a blackout poem

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This ode to fathers describes the real superheroes of a successful generation. We need men who become dads to step up to be family men. Men who protect their own. Men who see the mundane matters. Men who are humble leaders. Men with integrity. Men who know how to work. We need Proverbs 31 men, too! The faithful family man—after years of doing this heroic, show-up-everyday-kind-of work—will feel  vulnerable and exposed; but a faithful family man who lives a full life, dies a whole man.

Lightbulb Moments, a blackout poem

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More than ever, I am of the opinion that reading is one of those bare necessities in life. If someone can read, he can learn. Granted, learning can be done by example; but reading catapults a person to greater heights and imaginations. Reading opens doors, expands imagination, develops dreams, and highlights action. God spoke to us in a written language intending for us to learn to read. It is useful. It is necessary. It is little but everything. Learn to read, then read to learn. Reading will transport you and become one of your best friends.

To My Sons, a blackout poem

Floating Vapor Commentary Below

At first this blackout bothered me because this poem switches from second person to third person. The overactive grammarian in me screams, but the  wanna-be philosopher in me smiles. It represents an important natural phenomenon in life: what we do today (second person action…YOU) becomes the reputation we have in our tomorrows (third person results…HE, HIS). What people say about you in third person tomorrow is largely due to what you do in second person today. My sons know that no matter what they do or don’t do, I will never stop loving them. What I want them to know also is that what they do or don’t do today matters in their tomorrows. You don’t have to do something to be someone, but those third person conversations are only favorable when you choose to be a worthy second person doer. Sons, I pray you desire to frame that third person reputation around God’s glory so the portraits you capture today in second person reflect those desires. “He….starts with YOU.”