The Hero, a blackout poem

Commentary about poem below

I know some of these heroes. Personally. They walk into danger every day, and they love the opportunity to protect and preserve peace. Death danger is real. For that reason, my prayer for them is that God would keep them safe in His presence, surrounded by His presence, surprised by His never-ending presence, and satisfied with His presence. These heroes step into this life calling each day so I pray God goes with them. I believe He does go with them and before them and surrounds them with grace and strength. CS Lewis may have been surprised by joy, but I pray my hero-sons will be surprised by His grace and presence. Safe is a promise. God’s safety doesn’t guarantee health and on-going life on this earth, but it does guarantee eternal safety in heaven. So, no matter what the future holds on earth, God will keep my heroes safe forever and ever. God keeps His promises.

Freedom Fighters, a blackout poem

Commentary about the poem below

I remember very vividly where I was on 9/11. I remember the unbelief at the scenes unfolding in my news feed, the gut-wrenching feeling that war was close at hand, and the effort to fully encapsulate the sacrifice first responders and later our military would make to save lives and preserve freedom.  This poem is meant to honor those men and women who wake up every day with the opportunity and joy to serve their country and her people. I am amazed at them. I honor them today. We owe them our courage to do the same from the homeland:  make choices that honor life and preserve freedom.