The Isolated, a blackout poem

Commentary of the poem below

I am naturally drawn to the walls of isolation. In my mind I think I prefer it. In my mind I think I enjoy it. In my mind I justify pursuing it. Unfortunately, isolation is everything this blackout poem says it is. Fractured. Dark. Destructive. Furthermore, prolonged isolation blocks growth and wholeness. God created us to be in community. Satan uses isolation to fracture humanity, and he packages it up nicely so we don’t recognize it until the fractures have begun splitting us into an island. Social media, individualism, self help — these are activities of island dwellers, those who live on lava with invisible walls. The solution? Find well-timbered mountaintops. These people aren’t perfect; they are very much broken, but they live in community growing together with a wide open view of the horizon. Mountaintops with broken people or islands with invisible walls? It’s a choice.

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