Anonymous Marking

Hey Kids, this idea has been mulling around in my head for a few years now. It took me a while to make the move and begin an attempt to leave a mark for you. I have no great plans for this site other than to leave with you truth from God’s Word, sprinkled with a bit (or a lot) of my thinking out loud about life, love, happiness, the world, and whatever else pops up in my brain. I have no desire to put my name to anything I do write, at least for now, because my only audience is you, my children. Apart from your father, you are the greatest gift God has given me or ever will give me. Family is a gift. I want to spend my vapor-marking energies on you in hopes that you will your vapor marks will affect your families for eternity. To make a vapor mark that lasts beyond this life, it has to have eternal value. I trust these vapor marks lodge into your souls. If they do, they will last forever because, kids, your souls are the eternal treasures I’m choosing to invest in for the rest of my vapor. In the next post I will name you. You will know who you are.

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