All Is Well!

We wish we could put into words and capture with pictures all that we have seen and experienced this week. Unfortunately, our wifi connection makes downloading pictures difficult and costly so we probably won’t be able to post any pictures at this time. We are looking forward to sharing many of the pictures we have taken so even though we might be headed home soon, we will make sure to post many of the memories as we “debrief” our trip while at home.

The ministry in Raganga, Kenya, was, to say the least, everything we hoped it would be. Record attendance. Salvation decisions. Faithful church and pastor. Good weather. Village life. Kenyan food. And so much more… More to come as we are able to post. In short, we served over 160 children and saw at least 47 children respond to invitations to accept Christ as their personal Savior. These numbers don’t include the adults who “hung around” to watch and listen, or the many who attended the open air evangelism crusades in the evenings. We are praying God will continue to have His gospel penetrate the hearts of all who heard it this week.

This week alone our team handed out almost 700 bracelets to children and adults. We are praying that these bracelets and the tracks that accompanied them will enter into many homes and that parents will read the materials given to their children.

We know many of you have heard about the airport fire in Nairobi. We took pictures as we arrived in Kenya a little over two weeks ago in that very terminal that burned down. We did some research today, and it appears that our flights won’t be delayed or canceled at this point. We do plan to arrive at the airport with plenty of time to deal with any delays. Until then, we are praying no more incidents occur.

More to come as we are able to post. For now, we are thankful for safety and relatively good health (minor bacterial attacks). Thank you for your prayers.

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One Response to All Is Well!

  1. Layna Steuerwald says:

    So good to hear from you. So glad you have had a wonderful week last week!! Sounds like this trip is all and more than you imagined. You will never be the same! God is good! Love you so much!

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